SWOPDS Expert Witness List

This list is intended to assist in finding the experts you may need who have proven to be helpful to our office and it intended to not necessarily be Willamette Valley-centric as many of the OCDLA references may be. At present, it is a list of one expert witness – not really a list yet, is it! But as everyone forwards me their favorite expert and a digitalized copy of their credentials, I will add is to the list.

Accident Reconstruction

J. Michael York and AFI Associates

Polygraph Examiner

Mr. Floyd Wickland
Wickland Polygraph Services
PO Box 5709
Grants Pass, OR 97526
Phone: 476-7146
Fax: 541-476-4096

Forensic Science

Dr. Ray Grimsbo
InterMountain Forensic Laboratories
11715 N.E. Glisan St.
Portland, Oregon 97220
(503) 257-7177 / FAX (503) 257-8352
E-Mail Dr. Grimsbo

Forensic Psychology

Dr. Stephen Scherr
Evaluation and consultations for the courts, defense, and prosecution attorneys concerning issues that involve mental competence; illness and insanity, parental competence and termination; dangerousness; sexual abuse allegations; psychological effects of abuse; penalty phase issues of mitigation; the Board of Medical Examiners; the Oregon State Bar.  Is experienced at analyzing and criticizing CARES reports.

Dr. Susan Dragovich
Specializing in adjustment reactions, behavior disorders, neurotic conflicts, and to a limited extent, psychotic reactions. Also worked on the McMartin preschool case in Los Angeles.