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When you receive a court-appointed attorney you have someone to help you with your legal case. Your attorney works for you! By law and by the ethics of the legal profession only you and your attorney have any input as to how your case is defended.

When you discuss your case with your attorney you are protected by Attorney-Client Privilege. This means that whatever you tell your attorney is confidential and no one can force your attorney to reveal your secrets or your confidential communications. (Attorneys are mandatory reporters and are required by law to report child abuse.) Your attorney may reveal information you provide only if it is helpful to your case or if you have given specific permission.

Your attorney has an obligation to investigate your case and raise available defenses on your behalf. Your attorney will evaluate available defenses to determine if they have any chance of succeeding and is not required to raise frivolous (pointless) defenses. If you and your attorney do not agree about whether a particular defense should be raised, you are entitled to an explanation from your attorney as to why they disagree with you.